Toxicology Testing

The advantage of grouping several tests that pertain to an unclear clinical condition, is decrease time and cost by avoiding subsequent additional testing; and enhances the chances for a correct diagnosis by having actionable information at hand when is need it.

Our Clinical Diagnostic and Toxicology panels are customized and driven by each of our clients. Each test in the panels is performed with latest techniques and technology hardware; from validation screening to confirmatory and quantification. All of them are performed under rigorous process protocols to prevent human error, and following our lab “standard operating procedures.”

The value of panels is substantiated by building knowledge that leads to earlier detection, diagnosis and more effective treatment through relevant information that benefit patients. Every time the physicians order them when medically necessary, helps ensure our health care dollars are well spent on the most appropriate treatments and therapies.

Panels are designs of individual tests related to a medical condition and intended to help its diagnose.

Our toxicology tests include:

  • Screening and Confirmation for over 96 Categories of Drugs
  • Toxicology Basic Urine Profile
  • Toxicology Comprehensive Urine Profile
  • CBS Lab Toxicology 5
  • CBS Lab Toxicology 10
  • Toxicology Tests for Illegal Drugs
  • Toxicology Tests for Prescription Drugs

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